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Our CSA Shares

To order Grant Farms CSA shares, click one of the buttons below.

All In Kitchen Share

All In Kitchen Share

Experience the farm full circle.  Eat  like we do at the farm. A 26 week share. (Vegetarian option available.)

Vegetable Shares

Vegetable Shares

We offer 3 different sizes to meet your needs. A 26 week season of veggies

CSA - Fruit

Fruit Shares

26-week season of fresh, local, organic fruit

CSA - Eggs

Egg Shares

26-week share of our certified organic, local, pasture raised eggs.

Herb Shares

Noosa Yoghurt Shares

The finest yoghurt from our friends up the road in Bellvue, Morning Fresh Dairy.

CSA - Cheese

Cheese Shares

We offer 3 different varieties of local cheeses. A 26-week share

CSA - Mushrooms from Hazel Dell

Mushroom Shares

A 26-week season of fresh local organic mushrooms from from Hazel Dell

Coffee Share

Coffee Shares

We're proud to partner with Coal Creek Coffee to offer 26-week local, organic coffee shares!

Tofu Shares

Tofu Shares

We've teamed up with Mama's Tofu in Fort Collins to offer you 2 sizes of 26-week hand-crafted tofu shares!

Tempeh Share

Tempeh Shares

We've partnered with Avogadro's Number to bring you a wonderful, local, product. Tempeh is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia.

Herb Shares

Herb Shares

Grant Farms brings you fresh, harvested herbs from our own organic garden. Enjoy a weekly herb share of 5 bundles of different types of herbs every week.

Working Shares

Working Share

For 12 hours of farm or event work, you'll get a $100 discount on a vegetable share.


*We only grow organically on our farm, and support other certified organic farms as much as possible, but to get the best variety of products for our shareholders, we also support other local farms that use sustainable practices, but are not certified organic.