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Summer Organic Fresh Fruit Shares support Colorado’s best local fruit orchards through our fruit CSA. Enjoy the bounty of Colorado’s organic fruit orchards!

Fresh fruit delivery may include many varieties of Colorado’s incredibly delicious apples, ciders, tomatoes, pears, apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, and/or more! Our Western Slope orchards are famous for their fruits including peaches, nectarines, pears, and apples. October brings in Colorado apple season, and we focus on bringing you a different variety every week.

Winter Organic Fruit Shares, and now available in the summer too (‘Full Bounty organic’) come as a separate choice!  This will include seasonal selections of full varieties of what you love…..from citrus, melons, sweet grapes, berries, apples, pears, and cherries. Expect multiple fruit varieties every week!

Grant Farms offers two sizes of the fresh fruit share. Each week*, the fruit single receives at least one bag of fruit, the fruit double receives two. (*This is an average, and may vary from week to week, specifically due to weather-related impacts on crops; please regularly check your email for specific instructions on quantities of fruit shares week to week.)

Where does my fruit come from?

Grant Farms’ community supported agriculture works with multiple orchards in Colorado to ensure that our CSA members always get the best fruit possible. Our first focus is FLAVOR!! We tell the growers that all the time, quality means flavor first!

For our Winter season ‘Full Bounty Organic, we source seasonal fresh fruits that are 100% organically grown in orchards and on farms where fruit is in season. This includes citrus, berries, grapes, melons, apples, tropicals, pears, cherries and more!  We search weekly for the best FLAVOR.  Our Winter Fruit Season is a full 26 weeks.

During our ‘Local Only’  Summer Season, our fruit comes exclusively from Colorado including our 12-acre orchard here in Wellington Colorado. We also partner with a variety of local fruit orchards based out of Colorado’s beautiful Western Slope.

In the summer, we will also be offering a Full Bounty Organic’  summer season that will primarily be Colorado grown, but we will include organic fruits that you want but are not grown in Colorado such as grapes, tropical fruits, and early stone fruit.

We take pride in supporting these orchards! Our CSA fruit share allows each orchard an added level of success to make it through the growing season, develop, and procure the resources to support future growing seasons. Each orchard is at the mercy of Mother Nature, so we always hope for the very best.

How much does fresh fruit delivery cost?

  • Fruit Single Share- Winter ‘Full Bounty Organic’:  $18/week, for 26 weeks ($468)
  • Fruit Double Share- Winter ‘Full Bounty Organic’: $30/week, for 26 weeks ($780)
  • Fruit Single Share- Summer ‘Local Only Organic’: $18/week, for 26 weeks ($468)
  • Fruit Double Share- Summer ‘Local Only Organic’: $30/week, for26 weeks ($780)
  • Fruit Single Share- Summer ‘Full Bounty Organic’:  $18/week, for 26 weeks ($468)
  • Fruit Double Share- Summer ‘Full Bounty Organic’: $30/week, for 26 weeks ($780)

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