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The Origin of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans were first discovered to have an effect on the body in the 9th century after Ethiopian shepherds noticed their goats prancing around after consuming the coffee berries. Although most people recognize the beans for their dark brown shade, they’re originally red before they’re roasted and grow on trees in countries that include Sri Lanka, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. In the U.S., Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee beans commercially.

Although coffee was originally consumed black, consumers began to put milk in the beverage in the 1600s after a French doctor began giving it to his patients to drink.

There Are a Number of Health Benefits

For coffee snobs who are unwilling to limit their coffee intake throughout the day, there are a number of health benefits to enjoy due to the high level of antioxidants in the beans. The liver is one of the main organs in the body that benefits from coffee and has less of a risk of developing cirrhosis by 80 percent.

Studies also prove that regular coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by 65 percent, making it easy to take another sip of your locally-roasted coffee.

The caffeine in coffee beans is also said to improve adrenaline, which can increase stamina during workouts and lead to a higher percentage of fat burned. The beverage will also work to increase the speed of your metabolism up to 11 percent, which will improve digestion and help to burn more calories throughout the day.

Although some may fear that a high consumption of coffee can be fatal, it would take approximately 100 cups to kill you in one sitting. Voltaire is believed to have consumed an average of 50 cups of coffee a day and Teddy Roosevelt drank close to a gallon every 24-hours.

Our CSA offers 26-weeks of locally-roasted coffee shares, with your choice of a medium or dark roast share. Each share will rotate between different varieties, which are all Fair Trade.  Our coffee is locally roasted by our friends at Coal Creek Coffee in Laramie, WY, making it a type of local food!

  • Coffee – Medium Whole Bean: $12/ 12 oz. , 26 distributions ($312)
  • Coffee – Dark Whole Bean: $12/ 12 oz. , 26 distributions ($312)
  • Coffee – Flavored Whole Bean: $12/ 12 oz. , 26 distributions ($312)
  • Coffee – Medium Ground: $12/ 12 oz. , 26 distributions ($312)
  • Coffee – Dark Ground: $12/ 12 oz. , 26 distributions ($312)
  • Coffee – Flavored Ground: $12/ 12 oz. , 26 distributions ($312)

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