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Our All In Kitchen Share: from our local farm to your kitchen: eat like we do on the farm! How about a generous weekly share of much of your grocery and kitchen needs, all FRESH and organic for winter shares and local for Summer shares?! We’re now offering it to you with our fresh food delivery!

The All In Kitchen Share comes in three sizes: Family sized, Couples and Urban dwellers. We have them either Omnivore or Vegetarian

  • Family sized All In Kitchen share is serious about feeding your family every week.  If you love to cook, you’ll love the extensive, varieties of vegetables and fruit from our medium vegetable and fruit share, with 2-5 pounds of pasture-raised meats.  Enjoy 1 dozen pastured eggs, Mouco and Haystack cheese, 3 Noosas, couple jars of our canned goods, fresh herbs and a 1/2  pound of Organic mushrooms   You can select either omnivore or vegetarian and you can upgrade if you want more vegetables, meats or fruit.  Vegetarian shares substitute Local Tofu and Tempeh and more veggies
    • All-in Kitchen Family Sized Omnivore Share: $134/week, for 26 weeks ($3,484). A savings of 16%!
    • All-in Kitchen Family Sized Vegetarian Share: $134/week, for 26 weeks ($3,484).  A savings of 16%!
      • Vegetable Upgrade: $6/week, for 26 weeks ($156), new total ($3,640)
      • Local Meat Upgrade: $25/week, for 26 weeks ($650), new total ($4,134)
      • Fruit Upgrade: $15/week, for 26 weeks ($390), new total ($3,874)
  • Couples All in Kitchen is based on a small veggie share, 1/2 share of fruit, 1 cheese,  1 Noosa, 1/2 dz eggs and 1 canned good, 1/2 lb of Organic Mushrooms with smaller portion of meats and designed to is for a couple or a person that cooks in a lot
    • All-in Kitchen Couples Omnivore Share: $89/week, for 26 weeks ($2,314). A savings of 13%!
    •  All-in Kitchen Couple Vegetarian Share: $89/week, for 26 weeks ($2,314)
      • Vegetable Upgrade: $6/week, for 26 weeks ($156), new total ($2,470)
      • Local Meat Upgrade: $25/week, for 26 weeks ($650), new total ($2,964)
      • Fruit Upgrade: $8/week, for 26 weeks ($208), new total ($2,522)
  • Urban Dweller is based on smaller amounts of most and is for fixing a couple meals a week and some entertaining. Its our smallest ‘All in’ but it comes with 2 noosa’s, a mouco or haystack, jam or pickles, enough fruit for the kitchen counter for grab and go, 5-17 vegetables, 1/2 dz eggs every other week and a little meat or Tofu. Great for the single person or couples on the go.
    • All-in Kitchen Urban Living Share: $49/weekfor 26 weeks ($1,274). A savings of 13%!
    • All- in Kitchen Urban Living Vegetarian Share: $49/week for 26 weeks ($1,274)

The vegetarian version will include more fruit and veggies, as well as tofu in place of the local meats.

* Please note below that in the 2 different CSA seasons there is different availability.  Our farm has always grown things organically.  In the winter, we grow as much as we can in greenhouses or out of storage.  But to have the products that people most enjoy we access quality produce from winter time growing regions too.  Below our description best lines in out in teh fewest words:

‘Full Bounty Organic’  Winter/Spring or Summer/Fall – Always Organic, Local as a priority

‘Local Only’ Summer/Fall season OnlyAlways Local, Organic as a priority 

Save a trip to the store and explore the art of eating truly seasonally and locally! Limited availability.



*** Also, randomly as we find cool local foods or crafts that we think are worthy of sharing we will add little surprises and gifts every once in awhile.  Items like local honey, handmade tortillas, craft artisan breads,  locally roasted coffee, chile ristras, ciders, soaps…and other things from small producers as we find them!

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