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All In Kitchen Share

All-in-Kitchen shareFrom our farm to your Kitchen: Eat like we do on the farm! How about a generous weekly share of much of your grocery and kitchen needs, all FRESH?!

Save a trip to the store and experience the art of eating truly local, seasonal and fresh! Limited availabilty so sign up today!

All In Kitchen Share includes:

  • Medium Vegetable share
  • Single Fruit share
  • Meat share - 2-5 lbs/week
  • Dozen egg share
  • Haystack Dairy cheese share
  • MouCo cheese small share
  • Canned Goods share
  • Mushroom half share
  • Herb share

Meat share includes beef, pork, lamb, chicken, possibly duck, and stewing hens pastured on our farm.

All In Kitchen Omnivore Share - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

All In Kitchen Vegetarian Share - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

  • More fruit and veggies, along with tofu in place of meat

Vegetable or Fruit or Meat Upgrade - $140/week ($3,640 for 26 weeks)

  • Large Veggie or Fruit share instead of Medium

Meat Upgrade - $159/week ($4,134 for 26 weeks)

  • Meat Upgrade includes an additional 2-5 lbs of meat

The Bountiful Summer Share: New for Summer 2017

Always farm fresh and healthy!  In Colorado, our region is wonderful for growing high quality fruit and vegetables.  However, the variety is limited by the length of the growing season.  For instance, we can have lettuce available July through September but not in the late fall and winter. 

In an effort to provide a balanced and diverse share, we are able to draw from other regions seasonally.  Grant Farms will always prioritize both local and organic when available.

All In Kitchen Share

Family - Omnivore - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

Family - Vegetarian - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

Couple - Omnivore - $89/week ($2,314 for 26 weeks)

  • Medium vegetable share, Half share of meat, 1 cheese, 1 canned good, 1/2 dozen eggs, 1/2 lb mushrooms and 1/4 peck of fruit, this smaller size All-In is great for 2 people.

Couple - Vegetarian - $89/week ($2,314 for 26 weeks)

  • Same as above, with tofu or tempeh instead of meat.

Urban Dweller (Single) - Omnivore or Vegetarian - $49/week ($1,274 for 26 weeks)

  • Ideal for singles or busy couples who eat on the run a lot but still love occasional cooking.