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All In Kitchen Share

All-in-Kitchen shareFrom our farm to your Kitchen: Eat like we do on the farm! How about a generous weekly share of much of your grocery and kitchen needs, all FRESH and LOCAL?!

Save a trip to the store and experience the art of eating truly local, seasonal and fresh! Limited availabilty so sign up today!

All In Kitchen Share includes:

  • Medium Vegetable share
  • Single Fruit share
  • Meat share - 2-5 lbs/week
  • Dozen egg share
  • Haystack Dairy cheese share
  • MouCo small share
  • 3 Noosa Yoghurt 8 oz shares
  • 1 lb Tofu once a month
  • Canned Goods share
  • Coffee share once a month
  • Mushroom half share
  • Herb share

Meat share includes beef, pork, lamb, chicken, possibly duck, and stewing hens pastured on our farm.

All In Kitchen Omnivore Share - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

All In Kitchen Vegetarian Share - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

  • More fruit and veggies, along with tofu in place of meat

Vegetable, Fruit or Meat Upgrade - $140/week ($3,640 for 26 weeks)

  • Large Veggie or Fruit share instead of Medium
  • Meat Upgrade includes an additional 2-5 lbs of meat

NEW Full Bounty Organic shares

"Always Organic, local as a priority"

Our NEW Full Bounty Certified Organic shares feature 100% Organic fruit and vegetables, including locally grown food as well as some varieties that doesn't come exclusively from Colorado.

All In Kitchen - Full Bounty

Family - Omnivore - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

Family - Vegetarian - $134/week ($3,484 for 26 weeks)

Couple - Omnivore - $89/week ($2,314 for 26 weeks)

  • Medium vegetable share, Half share of meat, 1 cheese, 1 canned good, 1/2 dozen eggs, 1/2 lb mushrooms and 1/4 peck of fruit, this smaller size All-In is great for 2 people.

Couple - Vegetarian - $89/week ($2,314 for 26 weeks)

  • Same as above, with tofu or tempeh instead of meat.

Urban Dweller (Single) - Omnivore or Vegetarian - $49/week ($1,274 for 26 weeks)

  • Ideal for singles or busy couples who eat on the run a lot but still love occasional cooking.