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Grant Farms CSA

  1. The Kitchen Table

    I truly feel that the heart of the house is the kitchen table. Kitchens are notoriously the place where everyone congregates at a party, they are usually the first room we visit after waking up (well, coffee junkies like me anyway), and in our house the kitchen is the last room to go dark at the end of the day. And for my money, the kitchen table is the most valuable piece of furniture in the hous…Read More

  2. What you should know about GMO

    GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, and GE stands for Genetically Engineered. These terms are used to describe crops that have had their genetic structures modified by scientists. Genes from other plants, viruses, bacteria, animals, etc. are inserted into the genes of certain products ( such as corn and soybeans) to make them more stable and resistant to drought, disease and pesticides.…Read More

  3. CSA Survey Results

    Thank you to every 2015 member who took the time to fill out our survey about your experience last season.  There were some very positive experiences and a lot of opportunity to learn and make changes to how we have been operating.  So, here are some concrete changes or new systems and people we are implementing for 2016 to create an excellent CSA experience for all of our members. The past thre…Read More

  4. Organic vs. Local – Which Is Better?

    Many small farms grow organically, but are not able to afford the certification or choose not to be certified.  The most important part of the answer to "Local" or "Organic" is to know who is growing your food.  At Grant Farms CSA, we partner with 25 Colorado farms and orchards to bring you produce at its peak of ripeness and seasonality.  We partner with growers who are the very best at what …Read More

  5. Local First

    Why Buy Local? Americans spend $600 Billion each year on food. Only about 7% of that is spent locally with so many great local options imagine the impact of keeping more money in our local community. Annually, Americans consume more than $600 billion in food.  In most communities today, food is purchased entirely at a grocery store of market, with only about 7% of local food dollars staying in th…Read More

  6. Payment Plans Available

    Do you need to space out your payments? Rather than pay for your shares up front, we can work with you on a payment plan that meets your needs and budget. We offer the opportunity to pay in 2 equal installments. Half of it now, and the other half in 30 days. (Any discount offerings must be made with one payment) If you have any questions, please call the Office at 970-568-7654!!…Read More

  7. Meats for Sale

    In addition to our awesome CSA Shares, we offer a variety of meats to grace your dinner table! We have a large inventory and assortment of Organic fed, pasture raised meats delivered right to your door! We offer: Organic fed, pasture raised Pork sold by the 1/4 for $299 (25-27lbs. with an additional $75 in FARM BUCKS for future purchases), by the 1/2 for $499 (50-55lbs. with an additional $200 in …Read More

  8. Seven additional acres to plant…and some new greenhouses!

    The 2016 season has begun on the farm. We are making great strides to return to more production of organically-grown fruits and vegetables for our CSA members.   We are very excited to add seven additional acres of organic land to our base of 22 acres at the home farm this year.   This will allow us to grow more diversity; it used to be very easy when we were farming over 2,000 acres to grow o…Read More

  9. We’re Hiring for a CSA Director

    Grant Farms CSA Director Position Closes February 19, 2016 Job Description Summary: Grant Farms CSA is located in Northern Colorado and operates a CSA and Local Food Hub distributing shares to members along the Front Range corridor from Colorado Springs to Southern Wyoming.  Our membership based was 1,200 in 2015 and we deliver 22 different shares to over 80 pick-up locations. The CSA Director i…Read More

  10. Cooking Pastured Poultry

    As with ALL REAL PASTURED meats, including chicken they should be cooked LESS (sometimes just in a little more than half the time) because the meat is more dense and does not have all of the additives that the Industry has accustomed us to in our food. This is dramatically true with Beef (I have some beautiful beef at home that would be jerky if I cooked it a 'normal' time.) The meat tends to be l…Read More

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