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About Our Farm

Welcome to Grant Farms CSA!

Grant Farms is based just north of Fort Collins near Wellington Colorado, nestled in the plains beneath the beautiful Rocky Mountians. On our farm we raise pastured poultry for egg production (you can find our Owl Canyon Eggs at local Whole Foods Markets), and build community through our community gardens and our CSA program. Through our CSA we provide egg shares from our poultry, as well as goods from local growers we support and collaborate with, such as mushrooms, fruit (from orchards on the Western Slope), microgreens, and cheese. We also offer a 14 week season of vegetable shares. We are committed to providing healthy, delicious food and to being responsible stewards of the land, the crops, and the animals that provide our food. We are also committed to respecting the people that work the land and care for livestock. We invite your neighbors in Colorado and Wyoming to be a part of our farm through our Community Supported Agriculture program. We believe that good food not only nourishes the body, but also the spirit, and we encourage creativity and innovation through seasonal festivities, community meals, and collaboration with others.


Are we Organic?

Our eggs are Certified Organic by the USDA and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. All of the vegetables we include in our shares are organically and sustainably grown, though they may not be officially certified, due to the high expense of certification, although our goal is to eventually be certified Organic accross the board. All of the products in our shares sourced from neighboring farms we collaborate with such as mushrooms, cheeses, and Western Slope Fruits are sustainably and organically grown, pesticide free, (as are our vegetables) if not cerfified Organic. If you have any questions about our growing and production practices, please don't hesitate to give us a call.


How are our Chickens Raised? 


Our chickens are pasture-raised and forage for insects, scraps, and fresh greens from the surrounding vineyard pasture. This makes their eggs more nutrient-dense and healthier for you to eat! It also means that our hens live long, happy lives. If you have questions about our eggs, or would like to schedule a time to tour and visit the farm, please call 970.286.0080.

Our eggs are also certified Organic by the USDA and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. 

Why eat Pastured Eggs?


According to independent nutritional analysis, when comparing Pasture Raised Eggs vs. Conventional Eggs, pasture raised eggs contain:


~1/3 less LDL (“Bad”) Cholesterol

~1/4 less Saturated Fat

~2/3 more Vitamin A

~2-6 times more Omega-3 Fatty Acids

~3 times more Vitamin E

~4-6 times more Vitamin D

~7 times more Beta Carotene

~Higher levels of folic acid have also shown up in some testing.  

~In addition to this, some results have shown the presence of 

   Vitamin C - which is a first for eggs.

~This dramatically different nutritional value can be attributed to the 

  different diets of the birds which produce these two types of eggs.  

  Our birds eat their natural diet – foraging around for all types of seeds,   

  green plants, worms, and insects.

~We supplement our hens with Organic, Non-GMO Feed


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