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Hear from Happy CSA Members

We hear a lot of praise from our members.

Here are just a few, who especially enjoy our Value, Customer Service and Quality. Also see our reviews on Facebook.

Bang for your Buck - How will joining impact your budget?

“Here is the deal...I was skeptical about starting with a CSA because I am a very cost-conscious person. I like to budget as much as possible throughout the year. However, I quickly realized that NOT only was Grant Family Farms going to save me money- it was providing the freshest, most beautiful, most local vegetables and fruit I've EVER experienced. I have LOVED having Grant Family Farms in our household- and my family loves it too. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who cares about trying to eat local!”
— Lindsay,
“When I mentioned to my 8 year old son that I might not sign up again since we had trouble eating all the food he said 'Well how about if I help you by eating more vegetables, because I really like belonging to the Farm?' How can a mother turn that down??”
— 4th season member, anonymous survey respondent from Fort Collins
“Thanks for making healthy, organic food available to so much of Colorado and for paying fair wages to your employees - you are a great sustainable business!”
— 1st season member, anonymous survey respondent from Colorado Springs
“I joined GFF in 2010, my first time ever in a CSA. I can't say enough great things about this experience. I had no idea how much better-tasting local produce would be, and it is fantastic. I would never buy organic produce in the store, due to the expense, but I feel that this CSA is a great bargain. I learned what to do with items that were new to me - kale, chard, kohlrabi, beets, to name a few - and how to preserve extras for the winter. As one person with a single share, I definitely have a lot of extras in my freezer; the share is a very generous size. The weekly newsletter is great: it gives some idea of what to anticipate getting that week, but is also full of great recipes and tips on preserving, as well as insights about farming. They were also very open about why there is so much green stuff in June (that's what grows here), and why the tomatoes were late (cool spring and a hailstorm). Finally, I feel good about supporting a local business, and doing something healthy for me and the earth. I love "my farm", as I call it.”
— Kirstin,

Customer Service - What's the CSA Team like?

“I am very happy with my single veggie share as my first season wraps up. The weekly newsletters are great and keep you informed of the goings on at the farm. I tried several of the recipes linked in the newsletter...always with great results. I have a newfound love of beets, something I always detested growing up. It's amazing how tasty fresh local produce is. The process couldn't be easier and my drop-off location is very near my home. I feel good about supporting local farmers and have a great respect for the work that everyone does and the care they take at GFF. I plan to try the eggs soon as I have heard they are incredible! I recommend GFF without hesitation.”
— Patty,
“Grant Farms is completely transparent about their operations. People can visit the farm any time and see firsthand how the food is grown and how the animals are living. The staff is so friendly and helpful, and they make you feel like you are part of the farm.”
— Karen,
“I also want to mention that Grant Family Farms has great customer service, are so helpful and kind, and send a great newsletter every week. It contains information about what you're getting in your share box, recipes, how to store it all and will even tell you what type of squash or green leaf you're getting. This is especially helpful when you're new to some of these vegetables. This year we plan on visiting 'the farm' as it's called in our family, so we can see where our food is coming from and meet all the wonderful people who work so hard to get it to us. Thank you all at Grant Family Farms!! You're the best!”
— Lori,
“love the newsletter each week! you guys are great to work with and you do make us Denverites feel local!!”
— 3rd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Denver
“I like the info on how to use the veggies and recipes! Thank you!”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Littleton
“I've always been very happy with your customer service, questions answers correctly and quickly and any problems fixed in a short time. Thanks, it is a refreshing change from the standard in today's world.”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Boulder
“All my interactions with the staff were great! I had a very positive experience with the farm overall.”
— 1st season member, anonymous survey respondent from Colorado Springs
“Customer service is so awesome, you guys and gals go above and beyond to please!”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Ft Collins
“Your employees are extremely fast to respond and a pleasure to work with.”
— 3rd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Laramie
“Your PEOPLE are AMAZING! Anytime I called the farm, shopped the farmers market in Ft Collins, and interacted with them at the events, they were more than friendly and helpful... it was like they were friends. I've never experienced such a total 'customer service' experience. It reminds of why I moved back to Colorado after being gone for so many years.”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Windsor
“I really am just amazed at the level of customer service I've received from Grant Family Farms this season. I've not been a part of a CSA before and it's really been a wonderful experience. I've loved tailoring our week's menu to the food we receive and the responses I get to any questions or concerns is so quick and so thorough - it's a level of customer service that I feel I don't see in many companies anymore. You are all wonderful (I can't believe I got a personal response on a Saturday, wow!) :) Thank you again, Grant Farms is wonderful and I will continue to spread the word to everyone I know!”
— Chris Koch, CSA Member 2012, Boulder

Quality - How does the produce stack up?

“We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having the dedication and determination to make this beautiful food available to our family. It has completely contributed to our lives to be able to eat like this. We are grateful for the plant and animals, and of course their farmers, each night we sit down at the table as a family. We use every morsel of lovely produce we get each week....and our 2 year old can't stop stuffing his face with spinach salad, applesauce, squash, and kale chips (some parents can't say that, but in our family....hey, that's what is for dinner). We look at him and he is absolutely thriving, partly because of this amazing farm fresh food. We are blessed to be a part of the Grant community and totally admire what you are doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent
“I've belonged to 3 different CSAs - GFF has the best quality!”
— 1st season member, anonymous survey respondent from Old Town Ft Collins
“Natural, fresh, delicious, excellent !”
— 3rd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Loveland
“Love the eggs. First time to order the beef and we think it is really good. Also love the chickens and ducks.”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Boulder
“Yummy! Most things better than store-bought”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Arvada
“Rather pick a worm off a tasty ear of corn than not taste the perfect looking ear from the store.”
— 3rd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Colorado Springs
“I appreciate knowing the veggies are fresh and not coated w/a bunch of wax and other chemicals”
— 2nd season member, anonymous survey respondent from Colorado Springs
“We have been members for three summer growing seasons now, and also get winter veggie, egg, bread and cheese shares. The vegetables we have received have always been fresh, and the variety has made us eat things I might otherwise not buy in the store. We have also ordered poultry and meat. It is very important to us to support local agriculture, to eat organically raised vegetables and eggs, and to get healthy dairy products from small scale local cheese makers through the farm. We have just signed up again for the summer season in 2012.”
— 3rd season Mary,
“What can we say? The farm has delicious, brightly-colored vegetables and the best chicken and eggs anywhere. When we first signed up for the CSA, we thought this was a really weird idea. It felt strange to go into someone's back yard to get our groceries. But now our whole family loves the wonderful food that arrives each week and we are all healthier than ever. We have been challenged to eat better and learn to cook new things as fabulous heritage vegetables appear in our share. We love the recipes Grant farm includes with each delivery. We eat at home more than ever as we can't resist the delicious sweet tomatoes or the new variety of squash! We also loved seeing the animals on the farms romping happily in the fields and eating organically grown produce in the sunshine when we have visited.”
— Jackie,
“Our family has truly enjoyed participating in the Grant Family Farms CSA program. The variety and quality of the produce is unsurpassed, in fact I'd say we are really spoiled for good now. Not only are we healthier as a result of vegetables and fruits that have real nutrients and plentiful minerals, we know we're helping the environment too. If we could buy all of our food this way, we would do so. Plus there is nothing quite like the adventure of discovering types of veggies you've never heard before, and working out new recipes to prepare them. I'd recommend this to anyone, this program is really helping to restore a vital part of the American economy and way of life.”
— Cory,
“Our first year as a CSA member with Grant Family Farms has been life changing. Cooking at home every night, enjoying veggies I have never even heard of, lost those last 5 lbs and feeling great. We found a new connection to and appreciation for food! We actually went out to the field and cut our halloween pumpkins off the vine for the first time ever. Plus we are so blessed to have Grant to buy heathy eggs and meat raised on the farm happily and respectfully! THEY ROCK!”
— Katy,

General Love

“Beautiful vegetables, fruit and eggs today! I'm so delighted that the farm is back, and that we have the privilege to be a part of this local community! Grant Farms, you STILL ROCK!!”
— Claudia Horn, 2013 CSA member, Denver, CO
“My kids were so thrilled with our pick up yesterday, and asked to get more! I have added the fruit single and a dozen eggs to our subscription, based on your fantastic offerings and availability of great food. Thank you from the bottom of our stomachs!!!”
— Melodie Sanders, longtime CSA member, Colorado Springs, CO
“I am a regular buyer of your eggs at Whole Foods. I love that they are pasture raised, and organic, and local! But I had to ask: what are you feeding your chickens, because this dozen I just bought are so big and beautiful! whatever it is, keep it up, and thanks for your hard work. Sincerely,”
— Caryn Myers
“Thank you so much for being such a great CSA!! We have enjoyed the season as we have for the past 3 years!”
— Lois Walton, 2013 CSA member, Denver, CO
“You are so kind, and your customer service is so impressive (yet another great thing about Grant!)... I am a huge fan of your work!...You all are heroes, in my books. I mean that!”
— Linda Kozler, 2013 CSA member, Denver, CO
“I have been a member of the CSA for 5 years, host for 2, and think you do a great job. So glad you are back in business this year.”
— Mary Aguayo, 2013 Laramie Host
“...We're just happy to support the CSA because it's something we really believe in...Thanks again and I'll continue to work this winter to spread the word about the 2014 CSA season!”
— Scarlett Crawford, 2013 CSA member, Aurora, CO
“Hi guys! Thank you so much for all the fresh delicious food. I know how hard everyone at Grant Farms has been working and appreciate what you do.”
— Celia Diaz, 2013 CSA member, Denver, CO
“Thanks for all your hard work. I'm a new member for the past 8 weeks and I love it every week.”
— Sarah Glaser, 2013 CSA member, Denver, CO
“We would love to become a host site again. We would do it without being given much at all, just because we believe in what you've been doing and we want to support it. We weren't doing it for the free share even though that was wonderful, we were doing it because we passionately believe in the organic food movement and small farmers.”
— Darcie Curley, longtime CSA member and 2014 CSA Host in Golden