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We believe strongly that healthy community is built when vibrant healthy food is celebrated and shared with enthusiasm! We have a small community garden plot rich with a variety of vegetables.

We invite you to participate, help care for the garden, and in turn share a meal or two, or three!

For more information on involvement in our garden, or regarding volunteer or educational opportunities with the farm please email Cassandra at cassandra

Feeding the Community

In 2011, the farm donated 330,712 pounds of produce directly to the Larimer County Food bank.

From 2007 to 2010, the farm donated more than 800,000 pounds of produce to Colorado and Wyoming Food Banks. The farm organizes several gleaning projects each year; they also recruit CSA members and volunteers to help plant fields of potatoes grown specifically to be donated to the Larimer County Food Bank. They also support several local events with share donations.

The farm's referral program encourages CSA members to build the CSA program with new members. For each new member, the farm donates a total of 40 lbs of produce to the members' local food bank, resulting in a larger distribution of food to local food banks throughout Wyoming and Colorado.