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Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality vegetables harvested during our growing season - from April through November. This commitment begins by growing only organic vegetables and extends through to the quality of the vegetable your customer takes home:

  • We plant using only the highest quality varieties and seeds.
  • We harvest only when the vegetables are in peak condition.
  • We take care of our vegetables after harvest to ensure they maintain their peak condition.
  • We carefully place pack our vegetables so that when you open the box they are in the same condition as when they left our cold storage.
  • We are very attentive to provide as much variety as possible, depending on the season. Colorado has many seasons and our products reflect that. The Larger shares will have the most diversity

Food Safety

Being a vegetable grower, the philosphy that we live by is: "To produce food that is both safe and good for your health!"

We have in place both Good Agricultural Practices for our fields and Good Management Practices for our packing sheds and cold storage. We have Independent Third Party Audits completed during our season.

Certified Colorado OrganicUSDA Certified Organic

Organic Certification

  • We were the first in the state to be certified with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. With Federal Organic Standards now in place, we are currently going through the certification process again.
  • In the past we have been certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), Oregon Tilth (OT), and Organic Growers Business Association (OGBA) for special projects.
  • Peidmont Farms had Colorado License #1 and Andy was very instrumental in setting up the Colorado Program
  • Kosher Certification through TRI Sulom, Rabbi Mordecai Twerski, Hornosteipler Rebbe - Denver, 295 South Locust Street, Denver, CO 80224
  • Our eggs are Certified Organic by the USDA and the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
  • All of the vegetables we include in our shares are sustainably grown right here in the Front Range. 
  • All of the products in our shares that are not grown by us are sourced from neighboring farms with whom we partner. This includes mushrooms, cheeses, and Western Slope Fruits. Most of these are Cerfified Organic (please see individual items for more detail).

If you have any questions about our growing and production practices, please don't hesitate to give us a call.