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Team Up With Your Local Farm

Why Join a CSA?

Health and Environmental Benefits

Chemically dependent agriculture harms the environment and puts human health at risk.

Pesticide or fertilizer laden runoff from farmlands washes into rivers, lakes, and streams, contaminating waterways, and destroying habitat. Many pesticides are also toxic to health, and have been linked to respiratory problems, neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer and reproductive problems. Every year, farm workers and people living near conventional farms suffer from poisonings and serious health effects from pesticide spraying.

By supporting organic agriculture, we reward farmers who have made significant efforts to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals.

Decrease your Food Miles

Food miles are the distance food travels from where it is grown to where it is ultimately purchased or consumed. Food miles—and the resulting pollution—increase substantially when we consider produce and goods imported from halfway around the world.  Today, the typical American prepared meal contains, on average, ingredients from at least five countries outside the United States.

By choosing local produce, you can reduce fuel consumption and global warming pollution associated with transporting food, help lift your local agricultural communities, strengthen the local economy, and protect the environment— all by eating fresher, tastier fruits and vegetables.

Support your Local Economy

By supporting local agriculture, you ensure that your food dollars stay local. Money spent with local farmers, growers, and artisans all stays close to home, working to build your local economy instead of being handed over to a corporation in another city, state, or country. Since the food moves through fewer hands, more of the money you spend tends to get to the people growing it.

Annually, Americans consume more than $600 billion in food. In most communities today food is purchased entirely at a grocery store or market, with only about 7% of local food dollars staying in the community. The other 93% of the modern food dollar travels to pay processors, packagers, distributors, wholesalers, truckers and the rest of the infrastructure that a global food system demands. When more food dollars stay in the community, through buying local, they are transformed into thriving main streets and local jobs.

If you’re ready to become part of community supported agriculture, check out the shares you can get with our fresh fruit delivery right here.

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