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Tofu Shares

Enjoy handmade, artisinal tofu - from locally sourced ingredients. This tofu has a firm texture, and is hand crafted from organic and GMO-free ingredients.

  • Small Share: 1 pound/week: $117 ($4.50/week)
  • Large Share: 3 pounds/week: $312 ($12/week)

Mama's Tofu is a worker's collective based in Fort Collins. Their tofu is made fresh three days a week, from GMO-free, organically grown soybeans. Mama's Tofu has a great firm texture and is handmade in small batches. It's organic and made with the closest locally sourced ingredients possible--beans come from small farmers in Kansas as opposed to the many 1000's of miles other beans and tofu may travel.

From Mama's: "Our product is bicycle delivered whenever possible by one of our friendly crew, and dropped off in reusable sterilized containers serveral days a week."

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