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CSA - Mushrooms from Hazel Dell

Enjoy a half pound of Colorado grown, organic mushrooms by Hazel Dell every week!

Our CSA season is 26 weeks long. The first deliveries begin in June and end in December. That's about 6 months of weekly deliveries directly from one of Colorado's local farms.

Your shares are delivered to a community pick up location of your choice. Each location is specific to a business day (never weekends) and a time-window.  Feel free to order as many half pound shares as you'd like!

The mushroom share will consist mainly of Shitake and Oyster mushrooms, but some weeks you will be surprised with Lion's Mane or Portabella mushrooms from Hazel Dell Mushrooms in Fort Collins.  To meet demand, you may receive dried mushrooms, but no more than three times throughout the season.

26 Week Mushroom Shares:

  • Half Share (half pound/week) $195 ($7.50/week)
  • Full Share (pound/week) $364 ($14/week)