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Egg Shares: Organic-fed & pasture raised

farm fresh eggs

Our farm fresh eggs are one of our most popular shares! Organic fed pasture raised eggs, NO antibiotics- receive weekly deliveries of a half dozen or full dozen (or more!) by purchasing this share.

Receive a half-dozen delicious, nutrient-rich eggs every week from our Pastured Happy Hens. Our hens forage for bugs in our fields, and are supplemented with certified organic feed.

You will receive a colorful variety of eggs. An egg's color is reflective of the breed of hen. Irregularities in shape, texture of the shell, and color are completely normal to see in pastured eggs and add to the interest and diversity of your share!

Half dozen shares are in a half carton; full dozens in a full carton. All the eggs will be safely stored in a cooler at your site. 

  • Full dozen: $5.50/week ($143 for 26 weeks)
  • Half dozen: $3.00/week ($78 for 26 weeks)

All of our hens are pasture raised, with full access to the outdoors. They are never caged, and throughout the summer they can forage for bugs in our fields. In the winter they still forage, but their diets are supplemented with certified organic feed.

 Your shares are delivered to a community pick up location of your choice. Each location is specific to a business day (never weekends) and a time-window.