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Corporate Partnerships

Thank You for your Interest in Our Corporate Campus Program!

If you believe in what we do as a local farm, help your employees with healthy eating while helping us GROW! We would like to offer your employees up to a 5% discount on our CSA memberships!

Here’s How the Corporate Campus Program Works...

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. At Grant Farms CSA, we provide our members with Colorado produce for 26 weeks from mid-June to mid-December. We also offer a variety of other locally grown and produced shares from Colorado, including fruit, mushrooms, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and more. Once they become a member, they also have the opportunity to purchase pasture raised meats from our farm. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for our farm and for your organization's staff!

How can this program benefit a company or organization?

We support health and wellness in our local communities, which is why we want to bring this program to your business or organization. By bringing our CSA shares to your organization or business, we aim to advance the local food movement, promote a healthy diet and raise environmental awareness and stewardship among your employees. Our goal is to create a partnership with your company or organization and provide an employee discount on CSA shares purchase through this program.

How does it work?

For every CSA Share that is purchased through your organization using the Coupon Code assigned, each new member will be granted a 3% discount. If 10 or more employees sign up, your company or business can become a pick up location, making it even more convenient to be a member of our CSA. Additionally if 25 people or more join we will offer a full 5% discount and those that previously paid will be rebated for the additional 2%.

Your Part

We ask you help spread the word about our CSA by making available flyers and brochures to your employees. If you would like your company or organization to be a pick up location, once the CSA begins, Grant Farms will need a central location to deliver the boxes of produce to your location. We ask that you work with us to formulate a plan for distribution of the boxes (people walk in to pick up, employee volunteers to pass them out (for a further reduced CSA price), or employees take responsibility for picking them up and walking them out.

Our Part

We will provide the participating company or organization with flyers, stickers, brochures, and information to pass along to employees. Participants can sign up on our website using the coupon code assigned in the brochures we give them. They can also call us at 970-568-7654 or e-mail We will deliver the CSA shares to your company or organization, or a nearby pick up location once a week from mid-June to mid-December for 26 weeks. We aim to make this as easy on the participating company as possible. We can also offer
educational opportunities, farm dinners and other events for your employees for free when you reach 50 and 100 member limits.

Please contact us today to provide a healthy benefit to your employees.  Call us at 970-568-7654 or e-mail

Thanks for helping Grant Farms CSA Grow!

Here's a partial list of our Corporate Partners

Colorado Division of Human ResourcesLevel3 CommunicationsLittleton Adventist HospitalLPR ConstructionNew Belgium BreweryState of ColoradoWhole Foods MarketWestminster Medical Clinic