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Cheese Shares

We partner with local cheese artisans Mouco soft cheese, and Haystack Mountain Goat cheese

Our CSA season* is 26 weeks long. The first deliveries begind mid-June and end the first week of December. That's about 6 months of weekly deliveries directly from one of Colorado's local farms. Your shares are delivered to a community pick up location of your choice. Each location is specific to a business day (never weekends) and a time-window. 

Cheese is delivered in a cooler at your specified pick up location along with the rest of your shares.

goat cheese shares

Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese

Enjoy a weekly delivery of a 4oz log of goat cheese. Varieties will rotate weekly from plain, Herbes de Provence, Cracked Pepper, Applewood Smoked, and their new Dill and Garlic variety.

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy is located in Longmont, CO and make all its cheeses on premise.

  • Haystack Cheese Share: $6.15/week ($160 for 26 weeks)
  • Jack & Aged Cheese - Rotating: $9.50/week ($247.00 for 26 weeks)
    Buttercup, funmeister, Chile Jack,Red Cloud,Ques de Mano, Cheese curds, Feta, Snowdrop and Vaquero Jack will star on your cheese plate or in your recipes! A different cheese every week as we rotate through the flavors.

MouCo Cheese Co.

Grant Family Farms has teamed up with Mouco Cheese Company to offer you a weekly delivery for 26 weeks of soft-ripened cheese.

Mouco was founded in 1999 in Fort Collins, and produces soft ripened cheese using family traditions dating back 47 years.  Mouco uses fresh local milk from Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellvue, Colorado to create its variety of soft cheeses. 

We are very proud of our partnership with MouCo Cheese Co! They have been part of our CSA for the past 3 years. MouCo posts recipes tailored to their delish cheese.

The cheese will be delivered into a cooler at your pickup site and will vary between their main varieties (Camembert and ColoRouge) and their special varieties (Truffello and Fetish).  The cheeses are 5oz rounds and can be eaten right away or allowed to fully age at 7-8 weeks after delivery, your choice.

MouCou Cheese Shares:

  • Large share - three 5 oz rounds / $20/week ($520 for 26 weeks)
  • Small share - one 5 oz round / $7.50/week ($195 for 26 weeks)