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Back to School and Eating Green


Meg Coughlin   |   2017-09-08

As summer is fading and September is moving along, many of us are watching our kids trade bubble wands for pencils and swimming pools for classrooms. Some of us are headed to the classroom ourselves. When investing in our knowledge and growth, we want to be sure our kids, and ourselves, are as well prepared to learn as possible. Food is a huge part of that preparation, and Grant Farms is here to help!

Studies have found that better nutrition is linked to better performance in school and that proper intake of vitamins and minerals can contribute to increased cognitive abilities. If we want to see our kids excel to their best in school, we should be sure that we are feeding them nutrient dense fruits and vegetables as a regular part of their diet. How do we do this? Here are a couple easy snack ideas to help:


Veggie slices with hummus or guacamole

This is as easy as slicing up some of those fresh veggies from your share and putting them in a tupperware with a dip of choice. Carrots, cucumbers, sweet peppers, broccoli and cauliflower are just some of the veggies that you will see in Grant Farms shares that would make great candidates. Have you tried kohlrabi spears? This could be your moment!

Fruit and Veggie Chips

You can turn many fruits and veggies into chips, but this recipe for cinnamon apple chips sounds especially great! Also try spicy sweet potato chips, or move outside the box a little with beet chips.


Have ideas of your own? Head to our Facebook page and share how you are getting the students in your life fed to learn!


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