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The Kitchen Table


Mark Pletcher   |   2017-02-01

I truly feel that the heart of the house is the kitchen table. Kitchens are notoriously the place where everyone congregates at a party, they are usually the first room we visit after waking up (well, coffee junkies like me anyway), and in our house the kitchen is the last room to go dark at the end of the day. And for my money, the kitchen table is the most valuable piece of furniture in the house.

The kitchen table performs deeds above and beyond the level placement of plates, glasses, silverware, and napkins. It is the place where we tell our friends and family about our daily conquests, and failures. It’s the place where we do homework, or play a game, or put together a puzzle, or finger paint with our children. It’s the place we cry about loss, or celebrate the wins. Most importantly, it’s the place we gather with our family to put aside some of life’s distractions and actually talk to one another while breaking bread.

In today’s high-paced and over-programmed world the sanctuary of sitting down at to a home cooked meal with the family is often neglected. Our ready-to-eat, fast-casual, processed-food take-out meals are becoming an all too familiar way of life. When I was a child growing up in rural Indiana it was a very rare and special occasion that we ate at a restaurant. My mother would make a meal, almost daily, for our family to sit down to and enjoy when my father was home from work. It was hardly haute cuisine, but it was made with local ingredients and with a great deal of love. My mother had one rule for the dinner table; as long as my brother and myself were sitting at the table she would sit with us. There was always cleaning, or laundry, or any number of other chores to do, but as long as we sat there talking she would patiently wait for us to be done. Our kitchen table became the binding agent to a family that were all going in different directions.

I can’t help but to think how much happier people would be if we could all just slow down and take advantage of the things the kitchen table has to offer. So I challenge you, Grant Farms CSA members, to use this amazing opportunity of fresh and healthy food to make a nourishing meal and share it with your loved ones within the sanctuary of your kitchen table. You won’t regret it!

(Dining room tables are great, don’t get me wrong. They just always had an air of pomp and circumstance that was never befitting of my lifestyle.)

And if you’re wondering to yourself “who is this champion of the kitchen table, and why should I care?,” I wouldn’t blame you. My family has been getting Grant Farms shares for many years. Two years ago we upped our own ante and signed up for the All-In Share to see how far we could take it before going to the grocery stores. I am a winter share site host. I am a (mostly) stay at home dad to an amazing and feisty 3 year old. And I’m a classically trained chef who owns a private chef business that I work as often as I’m able to.

I hope to be providing future blog posts that will have significant relevance to what’s in our share baskets each week, random recipes, preserving techniques, and best methods of storing fresh food for maximum usage.

Until next time, eat and be well.

Bio: Mark Pletcher

Mark Pletcher is a private chef based in Denver, Colorado.

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