CSA Member Reviews

“My kids were so thrilled with our pick up yesterday, and asked to get more! I have added the fruit single and a dozen eggs to our subscription, based on your fantastic offerings and availability of great food. Thank you from the bottom of our stomachs!!!”
— Melodie Sanders
longtime CSA member, Colorado Springs, CO
“You are so kind, and your customer service is so impressive (yet another great thing about Grant!)... I am a huge fan of your work!...You all are heroes, in my books. I mean that!”
— Linda Kozler
2013 CSA member, Denver, CO
“Hi! I wanted to thank you so much for our awesome share this week! We really appreciate it!! Those canned tomatoes were beyond awesome :) !!”
— Kathy Wight
2013 Kitchen Share CSA member, Denver CO
“Hi guys! Thank you so much for all the fresh delicious food. I know how hard everyone at Grant Farms has been working and appreciate what you do.”
— Celia Diaz
2013 CSA member, Denver, CO
“I was skeptical about starting with a CSA because I am a very cost-conscious person. However, I quickly realized that NOT only was Grant Family Farms going to save me money -- it was providing the freshest, most beautiful, most local vegetables and fruit I've EVER experienced.”
— Lindsay
“Grant Farms is completely transparent about their operations. People can visit the farm any time and see firsthand how the food is grown and how the animals are living. The staff is so friendly and helpful, and they make you feel like you are part of the farm.”
— Karen
“The variety and quality of the produce is unsurpassed, in fact I'd say we are really spoiled for good now. Not only are we healthier as a result of vegetables and fruits that have real nutrients and plentiful minerals, we know we're helping the environment too.”
— Cory
“Our first year as a CSA member with Grant Family Farms has been life changing. Cooking at home every night, enjoying veggies I have never even heard of, lost those last 5 lbs and feeling great. We found a new connection to and appreciation for food!”
— Katy

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Grant Farms CSA on Tue, Jul 22, 2014
Veggie scrap growing!!

Have you tried re-growing any of these foods? (via @[104062822435:274:Homesteading / Survivalism])

Grant Farms CSA on Tue, Jul 22, 2014

Thanks for the image, @[159873117530923:274:Imperfectly Happy]!

Grant Farms CSA on Mon, Jul 21, 2014
Fruit deliveries started this morning!! Peaches are here. Jealous? We are still taking signups for memberships. Follow the link below.


Grant Farms CSA

Grant Farms CSA on Thu, Jul 17, 2014

Sixdog Farms

Just a few pics of our girls' guardians hanging out in the pasture...

Grant Farms CSA on Tue, Jul 15, 2014

Good to know—thanks, @[219273021497665:274:FullyRaw]!

Grant Farms CSA on Mon, Jul 14, 2014
Summer Crop Photos

Grant Farms CSA on Sat, Jul 12, 2014
Yessir! I think Willie Nelson is on to something here...

Grant Farms CSA on Thu, Jul 10, 2014

This made my day!Want more like this? Click: http://ptflw.com/LetMeSeeMore

Grant Farms CSA on Wed, Jul 9, 2014
Here's a little video from the Food Network. It does a nice job of bringing forth the ideas of a CSA.


Food Network: Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offers a holistic approach to the production of sustainable food grown in urban areas. In this story, we learn of one u...